A world of rainbows - Tribute to Old MICA Building

posted on: Monday, April 14, 2014

MICA Colors-6 MICA Colors-7 MICA Colors-1 MICA Colors-5 MICA Colors-3 MICA Colors-2
Wearing Lace Eyelet Crop Top from Drmers, white linen skirt (vintage), Converse All Star high cut sneakers, IT by Alexa Chung tote bag

The old MICA building located on the junction of Clarke Quay is unmissable for its rainbow window panes that beckons trigger happy tourists and locals alike. I've always wanted to shoot at this building as this is honestly one of my favourite buildings in Singapore - it gives me happy vibes each time I pass by. It was a relaxing day after a date at Neko no Niwa (Singapore's first cat cafe) and some organic goodness at Real Food that I ventured here for a shoot.

I can't help but fall in love with my own hair in these photos as the sun brought out the highlights really well and I'm very happy how my hair naturally falls in place into a bob since my cut from PROTRIM Hair Salon. My stylist, Avan, spent a total of 4 hours on my hair trying to achieve this natural look through soft rebonding. And yes to quote from Alexa Chung, looking effortless actually takes a lot of effort.

Basically, my hair was first trimmed, then had chemicals applied on the ends to break the sulphide bonds in the hair. It makes the hair "springy" or almost elastic. Avan then meticulously used a conventional hair iron to curl my hair inwards into the bob shape, with more volume at the bottom. This is a long and tedious process, as he has to individually section out the hair and curl each section. Chemicals are then reapplied to seal back the bonds in my hair such that the ends now "naturally" curl in.

It's now been over a month since my cut and soft rebonding and my hair is still retaining this shape. I just have to blow dry it in the morning by using a round bristle brush and curling the ends in slightly and I'll be ready to go with 'styled' salon-worthy hair! I would really recommend a visit down to Protrim salon if you want to update your look. The hair stylists there really know their stuff, and they are very professional and patient when it comes to handling each individual's hair. They also have a couple of Korean hairstylists for those of you girls interested in getting those soft, big Korean waves in your hair! That, coupled with really reasonable prices, and you have my hidden secret to great hair!

Check out Protrim Hair Salon's Facebook page for more updates :)

In Talks With, Joel, Founder of Design & Lifestyle Online Boutique,Haystakt

posted on: Friday, April 11, 2014

From left to right - See Yee, Joel, Melvin, Melanie

It's been some time since I posted an In Talks With session and this one is honestly long overdue. I have had the honor of meeting Joel and Melanie from HAYSTAKT to share with you their vision of making it easier for young, independent designers to sell and price their craft to the general public. They have recently launched a new section, named PROJECTS, aside from the typical ecommerce models you see for online shops. 

To be honest, it's quite funny because their idea PROJECTS, was almost identical to an idea that I came up with for a marketing project in school. Basically, it rides on three consumer trends: 
1. Individuality 
2. Exclusivity and scarcity 
3. Pre-commerce 

People would be able to order a limited piece based on designs that they like, and the more people order, the more the price lowers due to economy of scale and people are more likely to share the product idea to lower the price. Social. The designers are able to test their products, avoid overproduction waste, and price appropriately for an audience. Win win! 

I interviewed Joel further to find out more about his founding story and his vision for HAYSTAKT and PROJECTS. 

Naked Glory: What made you decide to start up Haystakt? 
Joel Leong: I've always been fascinated by the intersection of business, design, and technology, and in recent years it coincided with the growth of the makers' movement. Consumer technology has made creativity accessible for anyone today, and will continue to reduce the barriers to entry. I believe that there is a creative soul in everyone, so I set out to build an internet company that would empower the commercialization of creativity.

NG: How do you curate the designers  and what do you look out for specifically? 
JL: We started out by curating designers on the marketplace through the lenses of craft and thought. I travelled Asia to meet many of them personally, learnt of their stories (and struggles), and made many good friends in the process. Some of the things we looked out for were their unique angles and stories, and many of them also produced things in small-batches. We are looking for the right time to open up the marketplace and let technology or people to do the curating, like in our new section Projects, that has always been the plan for the start.

Shopping at STClassifieds Premium Flea Event

posted on: Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Roughly a month ago, I attend the STClassifieds RED Alert Premium Flea Event, and I was quite impressed by the mix of booths at the flea market this time round. The range ran from womenswear and menswear fashion, beautiful accessories to home and living products and handmade crafts.

STClassifieds Flea Market-1 STClassifieds Flea Market-2 STClassifieds Flea Market-3 STClassifieds Flea Market-4 Peugeot vintage coffee grinder

My favourite has definitely got to be Au Lapin Noir, which is an online store opened by a sweet girl who is just as crazy about vintage as me. She told me that she got interested in it while taking a break from work and leaving for a study trip to Paris, where she picked up French and woke up bright and early in the mornings to dig for treasures at les Marches aux Puces (flea market) and the Brocantes (thift and vintage stores). The things she brings back are mostly beautiful country style home and living products and shabby chic items for decor. She also carries several beautiful vintage leather Longchamp bags, the leather tans beautifully aged with time.

Check out her online store for vintage bric-a-bracs - she hand carries everything back, from vintage crockery and kitchenwear, to home decor, jewellery, accessories and papeterie such as postcards, letters and photographs from a faded era.

I picked up a beautiful (sadly non-functional) vintage Peugeot coffee grinder, seating pretty pictured above. Photo from my Instagram @nakedgloryvera.

STClassifieds Flea Market-5 STClassifieds Flea Market-6 STClassifieds Flea Market-7 STClassifieds Flea Market-8

I also shopped at Fox Out, an affordable womenswear blogshop brand, which carried casual denim ripped shorts, print dresses and also their own self-manufactured designs. Menswear label WOTD was also rather interesting as they brought the previously unimaginable blogshop concept for guys. I have to say that their designs are rather chic, leaning towards the Korean style of dressing and is a great start to making menswear more affordable for guys in general. Ladies - point your boyfriends or any guy friends for that matter, in that direction please for some wardrobe cleansing.

STClassifieds Flea Market-9 STClassifieds Flea Market-10 STClassifieds Flea Market-11 STClassifieds Flea Market-12

And finally - I got to meet Grace, the lovely lady behind Ho5hana. Let me tell you - this lady has got taste. She literally transformed her bare space in Suntec's exhibition hall into a beautiful pop-up store, full of fresh cut blossoms of lavender, daisies, ranunculus...and then decorated her booth with climbing leafy vines, topping off with beautiful necklaces hand-picked by her from Bangkok. She puts in amazing attention to detail - with lace curtains and vintage mirrors for her shoppers and even her shopping bag was handmade by her. You can really feel the love and passion she has for her brand and this world full of shiny, beautiful baubles and romantic vintage decor that she's inviting you into!

The kind people at STClassifieds also provided me with an event goodie bag and this video of me shopping! Honestly, I'm so awkward on camera, because I'm slightly not used to having several cameras train on me as I browse through racks of clothing. I'm until 1:25! Hoping that STClassifieds come up with another one of these weekend shopping events soon. 

A Thousand Petals - Bohemian Look

posted on: Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Raffles Hotel & Chijmes-8 Chijmes-1 Raffles Hotel & Chijmes-12 Raffles Hotel & Chijmes-10 Raffles Hotel & Chijmes-11 Raffles Hotel & Chijmes-9Wearing Vintage Shirt with Patterned Cutout, Lauren Jasmine Bell-bottom Lace Pants, Zara Thin-strap Wood Wedges and Ho5hana Veletržní Palác Necklace
Photos by Katherine L.

It was by chance that when we walked into Chijimes, we stumbled onto the lovely shadow patterns of the glass ceiling cast onto the white plaster wall. Chijimes is now undergoing a bit of renovations to make way for even more dining establishments, but the inside of it is still as beautiful (and deserted during the daytime sadly). I personally really love the sharp peaks of the chapel and consider as one of the most beautiful around in Singapore. The interiors are just as pretty, with tiled floors and a long corridor leading up to the nave. 

This pair of bell bottom pants from Lauren Jasmine is absolutely unique with a lace pattern fabric and lovely faux leather trim. I would personally prefer it to be even more bell cut with a tight-fitting thigh and exaggerated boot cut though! You can pair it with a chiffon poet sleeve blouse and daisy headband for some serious boho factor. 

That aside, I'm really looking to revamp my blog and Facebook page to bring it to a higher level! Looking for a photographer/writer to join my blog for long-term collaboration and ownership. Interested please mail to nakedglory.blog@gmail.com with samples of your work. 
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